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Number of Pieces: One Unit

Material: Stainless Steel

Item Type: Clipper & Trimmer

Application: Finger

Application: Toe


Product name: Black blade nail scissors

Material: 2CRC13

Color: red, black

Weight: 74.5g

Size: 9*125*80mm

Quantity: 1


1.【Sharp black blade】The thick and hard armor of Jiagou is guaranteed to be cut with one knife

2. 【Does not hurt the nails】 The 26° olecranon arc blade is safer, only cuts the toes and does not hurt the flesh

3. 【Anti-rust】 Innovative BO black film coating, stronger anti-rust ability, clean and hygienic, will not cause secondary to the nails

4. 【Effort-saving】 Built-in labor-saving spring, the labor saving is more than 60%, and it is easy for the elderly to use

5. 【Extended handl】 70mm long handle, easy to bend to cut toenails, simple and convenient

6.【Protective cover】The blade has a protective cover for safety protection

Package Included:

1*Nail clipper

Toe Nail Clippers, Ingrown Toenails Nippers Cutters Dead Skin Pedicure Tool

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